Wafer Demounting & Cleaning Machine C-RW-200 / 300 / 450


Wafer Demounting & Cleaning MachineThis is a multifunctional cleaning machine that cleans an ingot after slicing, demounts each wafer from the base plate, cleans wafers after demounting and stores them into a cassette.
  • We have product line-up for 200 mm, 300 mm, 450 mm wafer and customized design is also available.
  • The machines are capable with oil slurry or water-soluble slurry, and the cleaning water can be recycled by a filter and it reduces the running cost.
  • The loader is designed for a base plate of each wire-saw maker and an ingot can be loaded in the machine with using an ingot lifter of each wire-saw.
  • High Throughput


marking, thickness measuring, detection of remaining glue on wafer edge, flipping of wafer and storing to different type of cassette