We Promise to Make a Rapid Progress by Untiring Technical Innovation

Tosei Engineering was founded in 1969 to provide our own product service as well as to develop and manufacture automated/labor saving products of TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD. as a subsidiary.TOKYO SEIMITSU is a manufacturer of precision instruments and semiconductor manufacturing equipment representative of Japan.

“Anything manufactured must be measured” Since inauguration, we have been to trying to provide precision instruments to the field of precision processing,

develop our business and accumulate our technology through the measuring instrument service based on the idea.

Especially, we specialize in development/manufacture of automated measuring instruments for production line of cars, bearing, home electric appliance and various electronic products.In recent years, we expand our business to semiconductor manufacturing equipment based on our technology, and it grew to one of our main division lately.Furthermore, in April 1999 we started to develop/manufacture Wafer Processing Equipment such as Ware Sliding Machine, Ware Edge Grinding Machine, etc. , have been investing in the development of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Department, and will expand our investment in this department.

More precise measurements are required in the Measuring Instrument Industry from the aspects of energy saving and clean technology of mechanical and electrical products including Automobiles and home electronics.On the other hand, improving the precision of wafers and large diameter are required in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry for the cost reduction of semiconductor chips that are becoming more miniaturized and highly integrated, and higher yield ratio.

Based on TOKYO SEIMITSU MOTTO “Create the NO.1 products in the world by WIN-WIN relationships” , we are looking to provide NO.1 products in the world, fulfilling service and support to aim for further enhancement.

Thank you for your continuous support.